Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Computer Is So Slow

And I have to hit the spacebar twice to make spaces.

I had a crazy road rage experience this weekend!  I'm usually a pretty good driver and try not to succumb to road rage; if someone is so gung ho to get where they are going 5 miles faster than me, I will scoot over and let them go. Usually. Last Friday was a different story.

Troy and I were driving up to my mom's house (about 1 hour and 15 minutes away). I was in a pretty bad mood  because we were going up way later than usual (it was almost 8 o'clock at night after work, not the right time for such a long drive!) and Mom had informed me that I HAD to take Tula back down with me, which just opened up a can of worms (don't feel the need to describe it here) and I was just kind of a mess. Anyway, I had just crossed over the border into WA and I noticed this guy was really riding my tail. I was already going 5 miles over the speed limit and was a little annoyed at this, but I figured I would pass a car or two more and then get over. That's when he started flashing his brights at me. I'm like, seriously? Who does that? It actually really made me angry, so when I got to an opening where I could have gotten over I didn't. I thought I'd let him pass me, that way I'd get all of my passive aggression out and he could still get his way. Well, he didn't get over. Instead he rode up even closer, flashed his lights and started honking. It was absolutely ridiculous.  Had I done the right thing, I would have gotten over, but I was really pissed at this point and I've got a hot, stubborn temper. So instead, I pull up next to a semi truck and then slow down to the speed limit. The guy had to slow down AND he  could not get over. Boy did I piss him off. Jesus. He spent the next mile or so flashing his lights and honking and riding so close that had I tapped my brakes just a bit he would have rear ended us. I pass the truck and maintain speed, Troy whipped out his cell phone (making the gesture very obvious to the car behind us) and starts to call the police and the other driver finally gets over and passes me (as I passed I noticed that he was looking pretty classy with his dirty beard, mullet and baseball hat, he was just missing a beer can, but I'm sure that was in the cup holder next to him).  After he passed me I figured that was a good time to get into the next lane. I guess he noticed that, and I suppose it really irked him because he immediately slowed down and got over to cut me off.  I went into the far right lane and he just followed like he was going to have his car body slam mine. I tried to speed up and pass him before he got all the way over (not to be a bitch, but at this point I'm actually trying to avoid an accident). He sped up to, we would have nearly crashed if I hadn't veered onto the shoulder and slowed down. I guess he thought he had won because he suddenly sped up and got away.  I wish we had finished that call to highway patrol,  but we didn't as we didn't have the car make or license plate or anything since it was dark.

That's probably the only instance of road rage I have ever really been apart of and definitely the closest I have  ever been to an accident on the freeway!

As for the rest of the weekend, it was not spectacular. Troy and I were just kind of at odds and not really getting a long (Troy is sick of having Tula at the apartment over the weekends and there is just nothing I will do about it). He spent most of the weekend working at his dad's duplexes. I spent Saturday super cleaning the apartment and Sunday just doing anything I felt like.  We also drove around and looked at houses. We have a meeting with our realtor next Sunday and I super hope we find something!!!!  We are soooo ready to move!

At work we are down one staff member starting today.  That is 25% of our team! I'm nervous that we don't have anyone to fill her place, but I think it will be ok. I'm just happy I won't have to work an extra day this week like I thought I would!

Lastly, Troy and I have finally started our swing dancing lessons! We had our first beginner lesson last Wednesday. It is a small class with only 3 couples in it, and I had a really good time. At the end of class our instructor mentioned she was starting a swing dancing team for a showcase in June and invited us all to join. We didn't think much of it, but when we told her we'd see her next week she was like "oh, you don't want to come tomorrow? You would be great!" So we gave in and joined the team! It's going to be a lot of hard work, but I think we will get it and be awesome. I'm pretty excited!

That should be it for now! Ta ta for now!

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  1. HiYa! I HATE slow computers! Wow! Road Rage. Lets see I've never had an experience like that which I guess I'm lucky. People make me REALLY angry on the road. I flip people off all the time and if someone talegates me (especially when I'm going the speed or a little over) I slow down. I figure if you are going to tailgate me, I'll give you a reason too. Ok so maybe I'm extremely lucky I haven't ran into a jerk like you did. I probably wouldn't live to tell that story. LOL
    I hope your week is going ok so far. Esepcially being your down a person. You seemed really tired today so hopefully you are ok.
    I"m glad you are enjoying your dancing classes. That is really cool. If you enjoy it, you should stay with it. I might be a really good outlet for you.
    I hope you didn't mind my bragging to much today. Since I know this is my last week, I just cannot wait to be out of there.
    Talk to you soon!