Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Virgin Post

I have an acquaintance at work that gave me the code to her blog. I read it and thought it was brave of her to put her voice out there, and it made me want to do it too. I was feeling all gung-ho about it until I got to the part of creating my background and now I'm feeling drained.

Nonetheless, onwards shall I go.

I am a person. I live on Earth and my name is Shannon. I have a boyfriend. His name is Troy (I figure any information that can go on Facebook might as well be blogged about).  I met Troy when I was 12. I crushed hard on Troy when I was 13, and I was asked to our first high school dance by Troy when I was 14.  I am 23 now and have never dated/kissed/room-mated with anyone else. I feel this is important. When I talk about Troy, I feel like I'm just talking about myself. Only a myself that has a hairier chest (and legs, but only because I shave mine).

Anyway, we have an apartment. We are nearly in the process of looking for a house mostly thanks to my mother and a dog named Tula. Tula is a magical, wonderful, very well behaved 10 month old (66 lb) Mastiff puppy. I love this dog. I am honored to have adopted her. However, we have an apartment (with other animals, but I'll get to them in a minute). My mom is incredible too, (that will have to take another post, it's too hard to discuss my  mom in a matter of sentences) and willingly accepted the burden of MY new dog (puppy, although we didn't quite know that at the time) until I get a house. Having a puppy eat through several cords and part of her steering wheel really motivated her on motivating us to get this house thing going.  So we are.  More to come.

So of those other animals I mentioned let me go in to detail based on their arrival into my life:

First, is a 6 year old Corn Snake named Kiya. I love all animals, and for a long time I had a particular attachment to reptiles. Christmas 2004 my mom and stepdad  surprised me with a little snake hatchling, she was no bigger than the span of my hand.  It's impossible to know at that age what gender a snake is (unless you get it professionally sexed, but why would I do that?) so naming her was difficult. One day my mom came  in and said she had had a dream about my snakeling and it was a female and should be called Kiya (years later I found out this dream was actually pot induced). So I went with it. Now that the snake is fully grown (around 5 ft long) I am convinced it is a male, but it doesn't know the difference so rather than renaming it Kyle I'm sticking to Kiya and will continue referring to it as a she.

Second is Crickett McBickett. My mom works at a county animal rescue and has been fostering dogs since I was a teenager. One of our many fosters was a Jack Russell Terrier mix atrociously named Farley. Up until this point we had always owned large dogs and I pretty much ignored all the small fosters.  But this little guy was different. He was awesome. He is a scruffy little thing with a huge personality!  We tried to re-home him, but when he was rejected from one (obviously insane) family we gave up and kept him for ourselves (renamed him Crickett). After I moved to San Francisco for college (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, FIDM) my mom called me up to say that Crickett was a little shit-disturber and was driving the big dogs nuts. She would need to re-home for real. I vetoed that decision and instead found a dog-friendly apartment. He and Troy moved in with me at the same time (it was a studio apartment so it was a tight squeeze).

Third, Sir Petrie Fatticus.  After I graduated FIDM Troy and I moved down to Los Angeles so he could  study cinema makeup effects (think gory monster movies). I had met a woman while working at the LA County Fair (classy, I know) who fancied herself an animal rescuer. She told me about this kitten she had rescued from her neighbors roof and asked if I wanted it. Knowing full well of  Troy's immediate refusal I rushed the kitten home without telling him and made sure to be home before he got there. Who can say no to a kitten when the deal is done? Troy can't. So we kept him, saved him from fleas and  dehydration (he was suffering badly from both) and now he is my most loyal cat, although afraid of everyone and everything else.

Fourth, Willa Gallimimus. Proof that you shouldn't buy a kitten based on fur color. A tip for the kids, if the cat is orange, brown, white and beautiful it's going to be a bitch!  I should give her more credit, she is my only female and I love her, but man. Here's a cat (rescued from a shelter in LA) that will only be affectionate on her terms (only when she is sitting on the rug in front of the bathtub and you are trying to get in the shower quickly because your late for work) and will shit on aforementioned rug if the litter box is not adequately cleaned, which ok fine, keeps me from getting  too lazy. Anyway, her name is from a dinosaur she sounded like when she was a baby, those squeaky green ones from Jurassic Park II, except I looked up the wrong dinosaur and the Gallimimus is what was running in a herd in Jurassic Park one, but Willa Compsognathus didn't ring as well.

Fifth and (finally) Sixth, Little Head and Big Head. 2 more cats. Yes, more. I'll save you the trouble, thats 4 cats in all, 2 dogs and 1 snake (now you see why I REALLY couldn't have Tula at the apartment! I'd  get  evicted as is). Big and Little were two rescued kittens. Their mom was a feral cat some douche tried to bring to the shelter in a hooded litter box with tape as the "door." Mama Cat got out and left two 1 week old kittens behind.  My mom (who works at the shelter, as I mentioned) took them home to give bottle feeding a try. She had them for about 3 weeks, but then one of her dogs tried to eat one (he knew how to open doors), so she gave them to me to finish bottle feeding and wean. Try bottle feeding kittens and not keep them, seriously try it, I applaud people who can do it because I failed. But so happy I did because they are stupendous! Both kittens were black, neither one had a single distinguishing feature EXCEPT one had a bigger head. Hence Big Head and Little Head. I later tried to change their name but to no avail.

I love animals. Hence the novel about each one. It is very fitting then that I, myself, work at an animal shelter.

My 15 minute writing session has turned into an hour, so it's time to take the dogs out and go to bed. I promise to write about more than my animals.


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  1. Hey Shannon,
    Its RaeAnn. It makes me feel good to know that I inspired you to write a blog. :-) I enjoyed reading about your pets. Congratulations on loosing your virginity to blogging. LOL
    See ya Monday!