Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today is Sunday. Not a great one because I had to go into work for a volunteer orientation. It's the only one I have to attend just to see how it's done, and I've been putting it off, so I finally sucked it up and just went. It sucked about as much as I expected, but at least its over. Check!

The rest of my weekend has been spent eating copious amounts of sugar and playing World of Warcraft. I love this game, although I like to keep my little affair with MMORPG's under wraps in the real world. It's weird though, a lot of the game is about building online relationships with people through questing together and going into dungeons (I don't wear glasses, but pretend I just pushed them up while snorting), but that's the only part of the game I hate! I freak out when a stranger comes near me; the last thing I want to do is have to interact with someone I don't know! Stranger danger! Stranger danger! I guess I'm afraid that they'll find out how truly horrible I really am at the game despite 4 years of playing (on and off). Honestly, I'm pretty bad. Mediocre at best. It's ok with me, but I don't want to drag other players down with me.

In other news Troy is finally cooking dinner. Thank goodness, I'm starving here!  That's pretty much how it goes, Troy cooks ALWAYS and I do the dishes ALWAYS. If Troy  is gone for some reason there is a good chance I won't eat.  If I'm gone for someone reason there's a good chance I'll come back to the Leaning Tower of Crusty Dishes.  But we like it this way. It works. Especially because he is a really, really good cook. There are a lot of restaurant meals I don't even like anymore because he makes them better! That also makes us to eat healthier (except for the aforementioned copious amounts of sugar).

Part of our New Years Resolutions is getting healthier. We aren't too bad off, neither of us are overweight and I don't think we are excessive eaters, but part of that is definitely luck. We don't exercise regularly, and we keep getting into these ruts of just eating shitty food for weeks at a time (like fast food several times a week, or coating all our homemade meals in cream sauces and cheese).  Definitely need to fix that! It's something we were working on last year, and did really well during the summer, but then we both got new jobs and our schedules changed and then fall came with it's darker days and then the holidays and then my stepdad passed away and it's been a mess. But we're ready now, first we're changing our food and then we'll add in exercise.

Speaking of exercise, we are going to be taking a swing dancing class (courtesy of my Nana) starting a week from Monday. Super stoked!

I know this is an unseemly and abrupt end to the post today, but I just got distracted for like 1/2 an hour and now dinner is ready! I'll beback!

Oh, real quick, I just want to mention that we watched Shutter Island last night (I know old-ish movie, but I've been wanting to see it) and I LOVED it! It's my favorite kind of horror movie, less pop-out and scare you and more psychological thriller.  It got pretty neutral reviews, but I would recommend it to people who like those kind of movies. Plus I'm in love with Leonard DiCaprio. Ok, dinner is waiting, bye!

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  1. I just wanted to comment about WOW. My partner and I play Wizard 101. We kind of go through spurts of playing it. I think she could play it 24/7, but I get bored with it fast. Anyways if you like games like that you could always check it out if you are interested. You do quests and go into dungeons and fight. I've never played WOW so don't how they compare though. Anyways just thought I'd throw that out there...