Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last week sucked balls.

I missed my swing dancing class that I was SOOOO excited about!  I got off work early and everything just to find out the class was actually at 6:30 and not 7:30!  I was pretty bummed.

The next morning (dreaded Tuesdays) I had to drive to Troutdale to drop Tula off with my mom at her work.  It should only take me 1/2 to get there... an hour and 15 minutes into my drive and I wasn't even close, in fact I was borderline late for work, so I had to give up and take my lunch break to drop her off.

I don't even remember the other things that went wrong, it just seems like everything did.  Troy was denied a secured credit card, which really blows because he needs credit for us to get a house! Two of my coworkers are breaking up with their boyfriends (both fairly long term relationships) and that just gives a depressing air to the entire organization.  We had significant computer issues effecting our Point of Sale software.  I forgot to put cheese on my turkey sandwich (it's the best part!). It was little things like that, they just kept piling up until I was frustrated and exhausted.  The worst was that it wasn't just Monday and Tuesday, but the ENTIRE week was like that.  I think it's noteworthy to mention there was a full moon.

My weekend wasn't much better, although it wasn't particularly bad either.  I spent Friday and Saturday night at my mom's farm babysitting my sister.  I don't know if I have mentioned yet, or not, that my sister has a severe neurological disability.  She cannot walk or talk or use her fine motor skills.  She has to wear a diaper and have people feed her; she enjoys toys and shows aimed at toddlers (she turns 21 this year).  Yet, she does understand a LOT more than most people give her credit for.  She listens and can do some things (big movements, like wheeling her wheelchair, handing items to people, turning on and off toys and the TV, things like that).  She is also the happiest, most vibrant person I have ever met.  She loves being hugged and kissed.  She can't talk in English, but she does have her own vocabulary made of gestures and noises.  She has shaped me to be a far better human being than I would have if I had a "normal" sister with whom I would have been in constant competition in (I'm sure of it!).

Anyway, with all that being said, no matter how much I love my little sister there is no doubt that babysitting her (and the many dogs at mom's house, including two of my own) comes with many responsibilities.  So the weekend was less than relaxing even though I didn't actually do anything.

But it's all good.  Life would be unbalanced if there were no bad weeks.  Plus, I'm willing to pay my dues for all the very wonderful things that are happening in my life (I have a tremendously good relationship, awesome animals, a loving family, a good job, luxury items to keep me constantly entertained, food on the table, lights in the apartment, the list goes on!).

And around the first of February I should be able to give my loan officer the go-ahead to run my credit and actually get the ball rolling on a new house.  If that isn't exciting and happy enough then I am very ungrateful!  Despite the rough start, I am confident that 2011 is going to be a great year!

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  1. I hope your week is better this week. Thanks for our talks at work, it helps me get through the day. Hugs:-)